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Wall and Floor Tiling

When it comes to tiling your wall and floor there are many options you can choose, in this article we at GSI Manchester want to inform you of some of the better ways to tile your wall and floor, which are not expensive for you and yet offer terrific results that stand the test of time.

There are many forms of wall and floor tiling, and at GSI Manchester, we work closely with you to bring the results that you desire. Our highly qualified tradesmen will be able to assist you with your choices, and deliver your dream outcome. Regardless of what section of your house you need tiled, kitchen, bathroom, walls, or floors, GSI Manchester will ensure 100% satisfaction all of the time.

Below is a list of different forms of wall and floor tiling, and a bit to describe their features:

Ceramic tiling

There are many advantages to ceramic tiling; ceramic tiling is made of clay with or without a coating/glaze. Ceramic tiling always delivers high-quality results, and is also remarkably easy to clean all you need is a cloth and water. Ceramic tiling is one of the most cost effective methods of tiling any room, and it boasts excellent longevity.

Stone tiling

The benefits of stone tiling are not hard to figure out. Stone tiling is an excellent tile for either your kitchen or bathroom. Stone tiling is one of the easiest form of tiles to maintain, and has maximum durability, and longevity due to the hard exterior surface. Stone tiling is also more damage resistant; if you have any spills or leaks then it is not likely that you will have to replace your tiling.

Glass tiling

Not the most common of tiling methods but is still a formidable option to consider. Glass tiling is an environmentally friendly way of bringing beautiful results to any room. Glass tiling is water resistant, and this means that regardless of any spills or leaks your tiling will not be damaged. However, the greatest benefit to some may be in the health benefits that glass tiling can bring. Glass will not absorb any allergens; therefore, people that suffer from these allergies may find glass a benefit to their health.

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